Purchasing period furniture from me is slightly different than ordering an item from a catalog or purchasing a piece from a showroom.  Every piece is made to order according to the customers’ wishes.  There are no standard items.  
As time goes by, and with my customers’ permission, I’ll post more pictures of my work.  In the meantime, I suggest you consult books or paintings depicting period pieces, and use them to guide your order.  There’s a good chance you’ll find one or more of the following in your local library.  If you don’t have access to these books, contact me and we’ll find the piece that’s right for you together.
Furniture Treasury
Wallace Nutting
Blue Book Philadelphia Furniture William Penn to George Washington
William MacPherson Hornor Jr
American Furniture Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods in the Henry Francis DuPont Winterthur Museum
Joseph Downs
Period Furniture